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The Story Behind the Mystery Trilogy

U.S. Constitution

Since the dawn of time, there seems to be a natural law of association in the universe. Planets are collected into solar systems and solar systems are collected into galaxies that populate the whole of the known universe.

Upon a planet, rock is collected into different unique strata, trees are collected into groves, animals into packs or herds, insects into colonies, and birds into unique flocks. Similar things seem to also collect into unique gatherings.

Humans are no exception. People seem to belong to family groups and these families are part of a clan or tribe and these clans or tribes into populations that become villages, towns or cities that in turn collect into counties, states and countries.

What is interesting in all of these collections is that individuals in these collections can also associate into subcultures of like-minded individuals to form organizations or gangs, sometimes overt or covert. These like-minded individuals may be attracted to each other for various reasons of gain, logic, emotion or passion that either enhance or subvert a society for individual or group gain or satisfaction.

These gatherings of like-minded people have been noted by philosophers who have simplified their observations into adages such as “The acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” “Birds of a feather flock together” or “You are known by the company you keep,” or perhaps “If you lie down with dogs, you are liable to attract fleas!”

What is unique about America is the concept that each person is equal under the law regardless of race, creed, gender or color and each person is a unique individual with everyone entitled to life, liberty and the right to pursue their own vision of happiness.

In other words, the freedom to succeed or fail as long as we don’t infringe the rights of our fellow citizens—to treat everyone as we would like to be treated. If we do fail, we are allowed to begin anew to succeed.

Originally, in America, individual accomplishment, reasoning, thinking and opinion were valued and encouraged more, rather than group accomplishments, thinking and collective reasoning which is indicative of an organization or gang led by leaders commanding the loyalty, thinking and goals of the gang.

Military organizations are formed in the manner of collective thought for cohesion to ensure success in a combative mission against an enemy in a struggle for conquest.

Peaceful organizations are created emphasizing individual thought for a peaceful goal of success for the common good of the individuals in the society.

Societies can be created in many of the forms that have been used over the centuries. Europe today was the inheritor of the society of the Roman Empire with its familial senate that dominated Europe for many centuries. The familial monarchies of Europe grew out of the chaos created by the economic and military fall of the Roman Empire under the Pax Romana with its open borders causing the beginning of the Dark Ages and Middle Ages.

During the Classical Ages, Sparta was organized along military lines with the Helots of Laconia and Messenia subjugated as slaves by their Spartan conquerors. Athens, which our forefathers in America used as a model during their Constitutional Convention deliberations, on the other hand, was organized along the concept of individual freedom and their freedom of thought with democratic goals of elective rule.

Adolph Hitler and the Nazis chose the Spartan model of society while George Washington and America’s forefathers chose the example of Athens during its Golden Age.

Our trilogy of mystery novels was written to illustrate these differences in societies by having like-minded characters seeking a lost treasure of the Medieval Knights Templar being opposed by an organized enemy seeking revenge and the treasure for their goal to conquer the world and abolish individual freedom.

We have tried to use actual history, places and some characters to tell our story of the human struggle for freedom over the evil forces of domination.

We hope everyone will read the three books in the order they were written to tell the whole story of a small group of adventurous women and men against a large evil organization for global conquest and domination with everyone’s loss of individual freedom. Each book stands on its own as a part of the whole adventure and can be enjoyed on its own merit.

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