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New Characters in 'The Seton Secret'

Hope you have had a chance to look at my latest novel, The Seton Secret. If you read my first book, Mystery at the Thirteen Sycamores, you will notice that most of the original characters carry over into the second book.

Added to the characters in the sequel to Mystery at the Thirteen Sycamores are new cast members:

Kira Ann von Schönfeld, the precocious five-year-old and bright-eyed daughter of Natalie and Dietrich who is eager to grow up. She loves to read and solve puzzles.

Dr. John R. Browne, an amateur magician and an intellectual archeology professor from the University of Edinburgh who has remarkable insight into medieval Scottish, Hospitaller Order of Saint John, and Knights Templar history. He has recently become acquainted with the discovery of the Jesus Family Tomb in Jerusalem and the biblical research of Dr. James D. Tabor, a professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and the discoveries of Simcha Jacobovici.

Elizabeth (Betty) Crimmins, the leader of MI5 agents dispatched by Queen Elizabeth II to recover lost property of the realm and assist in solving the mystery surrounding the secret of the newly discovered Seton manuscript. She and her MI5 team coordinate with the scientists helping Natalie and Dietrich unravel the puzzle of the Seton Secret.

Bill and Sally Hanley, friends of Dr. Browne, become involved with the puzzle while on vacation in Malta. They quickly become involved in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Muslim Brotherhood, the arch nemesis of Natalie and Dietrich.

Dr. Allen Gaw, a friend of Dr. Fox at the University of Texas whose expertise is called upon to help solve the riddle of the clues in the Seton manuscript as to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail and the skull of John the Baptist! He and his daughter, Lauren, a Hollywood actress, will be joining forces with her father in the search for the mystery of Washington’s Doubloon in the sequel to The Seton Secret.

Dr. Peter Hawkins, who is an expert in the history of the Ottoman Empire and its relations with the Hospitaller Order of Saint John on the island of Malta. He is an archaeologist and friend of Dr. Fox who is living in Istanbul which used to be called Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire before its fall to the Ottoman Empire in 1453. He is also an acknowledged historian on the Crusades and a CIA asset in Turkey.

These new cast members in the book add a uniqueness to the story not often seen. Like most of the characters in these mystery novels they are based on people the authors know, and all of the history and places are real. The events in the novel, although fictional, could have occurred.

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