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TrackingPoint Rifle Used to Stop Terrorists in "Mystery" is Real

Image of TrackingPoint rifle

The TrackingPoint rifle used in the novel, Mystery at the Thirteen Sycamores is the real deal! The one described in the book is the rifle that was available for hunters in 2012 when I began writing the book. The time frame for this first book in the series is 2012, whereas the time frame for the second book, The Seton Secret, is five years later in 2017.

During that time, much has occurred and the rifle has changed considerably. It has morphed into several different models that are much more deadly! The rifle, as of April 2016, has developed into several different types that are available only to the United States military such as the Marines and Army, selected Homeland Security forces, certain SWAT police, limited selected high security civilian personnel, as well as a version for civilian hunters.

The bolt action M1400 rifle is made in two versions to utilize either a .338 Lapua or Winchester .300 Magnum ammunition round specifically manufactured for this rifle. It is extremely accurate and can engage targets moving up to 20 miles per hour and out to 1,400 yards (.8 mile). The acquisition-to-engagement time is 2.5 seconds and the rifle is used with the company's heads up display (HUD) ShotGlass wearable glasses or goggles that transmits the image seen by the rifle’s electronic scope to the shooter's eyes. The streaming video image can also be transmitted to a spotter working with the sniper or back to a United States Military Command Center or the White House Situation Room

via real time satellite for observation and evaluation of target and success. The rifle costs $16,995!

Semi-automatic systems utilizing 7.62 NATO, .556 NATO and .300 BLK are also available in the United States arsenal and cost between $6,995 and $15,995. The United States Army has integrated the system into the XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle for military testing.

The RapidLok Fire-Control System with TriggerLink and ShotView is image stabilized and has an auto snap feature that automatically adjusts the point of impact to the target center of mass in all

weather conditions, e.g. wind velocity, temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, rain, snow, sleet, fog, haze, smoke, dust, or any target obscured by vegetation or camouflage etc. RapidLok also incorporates a laser-based barrel reference system that ensures from shot to shot perfect zero, eliminating error from shock, vibrations or any changes in environmental conditions.

These rifles can be equipped with military spec stealth attachments for total darkness missions with TorridThermal Imaging, VividGen3 Night Vision and Hush Silencer attachments.

These rifles create a battlefield environment that enables a soldier to be completely unexposed in a firefight where they can see and eliminate a target exactly as if they were looking through the scope. They can shoot over walls and around corners with an extreme high hit rate on moving targets at extreme distances. These rifles create a force multiplier factor on the battlefield which enables a small number of troops to have the kill effect of a much larger force, eliminating targets under the worst of conditions. Basically, putting the enemy at a distinct disadvantage where they can run but not hide!

The reader is referred to the TrackingPoint company's web site: where videos and further information of this awesome weapon can be found.

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