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Mystery at the Thirteen Sycamores

ISBN-13: 978-1537740614

Mystery at the Thirteen Sycamores, written by two veterans of the Vietnamese War and Operation Desert Storm, is a pulse pounding suspense set in the modern world of Jihadist terror and intrigue with home grown terrorist cells growing like mushrooms. After a German Luftwaffe squadron annihilates a group of Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, the surviving leader of the group vows to track and kill the commander of the squadron, his family, and anyone else who gets in the way of his revenge. The action takes place in the Middle East behind the "Crescent Curtain" and in the cosmopolitan cities of Europe before spilling over onto the shores of America. It reaches a nail biting surprising conclusion deep in the heartland of the United States.

Authors Frank R. Faunce and Joe C. Rudé III have created a fictional novel that is based on fact and the real secret behind ISIS terrorism. Their military experience and travels throughout Europe and North America provided the background for this timely tale that is replete with vivid imagery that projects the reader into the action from one location to the next. The book is available in paperback and Kindle e-book formats at and online at other major book retailers.

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